"As an international multichannel performance media agency, we realize performance based and CPX orientated campaigns throughout all media channels."

Mission Statement

Digital transformation

Programmatic Buying and Real Time Bidding have sustainably changed the digital media landscape. Just in a few years almost every digital advertisement will be booked automatically. Targeting- and tracking technologies make campaigns much more measurable and efficient.

Classic Disruption

Classic advertising channels like print and TV do not have an unique position any more. Today’s campaigns are designed cross channel. Though, every channel must fulfil defined targets in interplay with other campaign parts.

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Neither classic nor digital media solutions alone can ensure a successful campaign. That is why MEDIAFACTOR focuses on the concrete costumer needs instead of the solution. The weight of a media channel always depends on the clients individual performance goals. Hence MEDIAFACTOR offers its customers a flexible campaign setup, which will be continually optimized.


Scope, quality and efficiency are in the centre of successful media campaigns. To run a successful campaign, MEDIAFACTOR in cooperation with the client defines goals and KPI to enable a transparent run of the campaign and to monitor the campaign continuously to sustainably increase success.

"The centre of our actions is, in cooperation with our clients, to develop media strategies and create campaigns in conformity with its individual needs."


Performance Media

Using media to reach set targets in development of a company or being part of the common sales process, monitoring and optimizing is the key to success. To monitor and optimize the media a company is using to reach these goals is what we understand as being our job.

Getting the best performance out of your media activities is what we stand for!

Performance Media
International Media

With its global communication model, MEDIAFACTOR is linking countries and cultures. MEDIAFACTOR provides assistance to countries and companies with regard to international trade, tourism and publicity, strengthening their perception in the markets where they operate. MEDIAFACTOR provides support in strategic planning and communications to public enterprises, semi-public institutions, non-governmental institutions, business agencies and private equity firms which operate in foreign trade and international business.

International Media

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